Computational expertise for hire. Let the people of Wolfram build your next solution.

Wolfram Solutions blends world-class consulting expertise with the superb software development skills that Wolfram has demonstrated for three decades. Our consulting team embodies decades of software-industry consulting experience in the disciplined planning, organization and execution of large, complex projects.

We have a core team of executives, project managers, architects and technical staff whose backgrounds include decades of working directly with customers. And we add to that talent with access to all of Wolfram: as your project needs their skills, we deploy software architects, algorithm designers, programmers, data curators, inventors and more from Wolfram's hundreds of expert technical staff—the same people who invent and build the breakthrough technologies that are used to power your project.

Breakthroughs are in our DNA, consulting service is in our culture, and a focus on success is built in to how we operate.

The skills of technologists,
the culture of consultants

We recognize that unique technical expertise is critical to deliver success for our customers, but that is only half the story; a culture of customer-facing service is the other vital component. We define and live by a culture for our consulting practice that encompasses a passion for customer success along with a bias for action with a keen sense of urgency. We are proud to offer valuable expertise at the same time as we feel privileged that customers give us the opportunity to work on their challenging and interesting problems.

With detailed explanations of what these philosophies mean, practical advice on how to deliver against them, and regular review and communication to improve our approaches, we continuously invest in building an organization with a culture focused intensely on our customers and their success.

the heart of project success

While project details and operations can be very complex, we realize that the way to success in consulting projects can be explained quite simply: communicate well to set clear expectations, and then exceed those expectations.

With that in mind, when you are working with our team, you can expect regular interactions and communication: nightly individual team-member-written updates reporting daily progress, plans, problems and priorities; weekly project reports with a thorough explanation of project status and plans; regular conference calls and demonstrations; occasional onsite visits; and so on. Even when working remotely, we use desktop sharing, conference calls, instant messaging and email to keep in very tight communication.

The team working on your project:
empowered to deliver success for you

We firmly believe in the skills and judgment of our on-the-ground consultants, and we also believe that the closer people are to a problem, the more valuable their insight is in solving that problem. Therefore, our team is empowered to immediately react to whatever situations arise in your project; our focus is on our customers, and so our decision-making happens as close to our customers as possible. The rest of our organization is the support structure for the team working on your project, not their bureaucracy.