The same computational expertise used to invent Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha can now be applied to solving your business problems.

Analytics, algorithms, predictive models and simulations, data visualization, computational linguistics, data curation, computational knowledge, A New Kind of Science deployment, and more—our consultants have deep expertise across all computational fields. Combining these skills with world-class project execution, Wolfram's entire technology stack, and long experience in building and deploying large-scale production-caliber software, we can produce the most effective computational solutions for your business problems. Whether building programs for long-term use or developing Wolfram Language code for Mathematica and more alongside you to explore your data in real time, our analytics experts can build the systems or discover and report the insights you need.

Turn data into insight: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics

With deep Mathematica expertise, our statisticians and mathematicians can provide rapid analytics results including visualizations, aggregations, summaries, model fitting, statistical techniques such as regression, ANOVA, logistics, factor analytics, and so on.

Understand the future with algorithms, simulations, and models

Setting up simulations and models with both Mathematica and Wolfram SystemModeler, our consultants can build systems that detect and predict patterns in your business data, and let you test thousands of scenarios with a virtual computerized model.

Deploy Wolfram|Alpha: Computational data, knowledge, and linguistics

Our consultants are the experts who can apply Wolfram|Alpha's technology and processes to curate your corporate data, make it computable, and provide an intuitive English-language interface allowing free-form English queries crossing multiple domains spanning both Wolfram|Alpha and your corporate databases. Whichever layer of Wolfram|Alpha technology suits your needs, we can deliver the services that deploy them for you.

Explore cutting edge computational research with A New Kind of Science

For those interested in the groundbreaking ideas of A New Kind of Science and exploring revolutionary modeling techniques for large-scale complex systems, or experimentally exploring the nature of computation, our consulting team includes experts who helped with the research effort behind A New Kind of Science and who can deploy the same strategies and principles for you.