Algorithmic Computation Strategies

Does your organization have an algorithm strategy?

Your organization's algorithms are a vital asset. What is an algorithm? Both computational decision-making deep within your Information Technology systems and operational procedures that your staff invent and execute to run your business are algorithms. The factory manager who runs the assembly line and your software programmer building the CFO's latest revenue forecasting report are working with algorithms. They are often inventing your company's most important Intellectual Property assets.

Yet most enterprises leave the creation, protection, operation, and investment decisions about such algorithms to chance. Who owns your overall algorithmic strategy? Who is worrying that some such IP is stored solely in the head of the plant foreman and will leave the company when he retires? Who is deciding which algorithms deserve more investment or less? How much investment should be spent? What are the opportunities and value if your CFO gets a 25% more accurate revenue forecasting report, and how much are you willing to spend to get that? Is anyone thinking about that except the software programmer tasked with writing the report? Is he even thinking about investment versus return, or does he consider the forecasting model to be one programming task in his list of deliverables with the same importance as the visual layout, without realizing one of the company's potentially valuable assets is in his hands?

Wolfram is the computational company; experts in understanding what is and is not possible with algorithms, creating algorithms, capturing their knowledge computationally, deciding how and when to determine their potential value and when to invest in them. We realize that your algorithms are one of your vital assets, and we can help you think about your algorithm strategy as part of your overall intellectual property strategy.

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